Elese talks with Ami Chen Mills-Naim of the Center For Sustainable Change about the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and how they work in daily life. A great show on how 'abstract' principles play out in our relationships and our lives and how our awareness of them makes a difference.
Dedicated with love and appreciation to the significant others in our lives.
Decision making is at the root of a lot of our daily stress. But did you know that studies show that it is no more effective to ponder a decision at length than to simply pick based on first impression?  If drawn out, over-thought decision-making is causing you sleepless nights, or taking up lots of your mental space, this will help.

Your mind was meant for greater things than data analysis and endless agonizing.  And perhaps there is no Right or Wrong?

People say multitasking makes us more productive, and pressure keeps us focused.  Do you work well under pressure and feel more focused or less?  Just because you can do five things at once does that mean you should?  Recent research on focus, memory and multitasking is revealing we may not be the super-taskers that we thought we were. I talk about two types of focus and explore how to be focused, naturally,  no matter what else is going on.

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