Another star guest appearance as Michael Bungay Stanier joins me as we get to the heart of the problem – too much busywork, not enough work that matters.  So, do you have to untether from your job to do innovative, creative, truly satisfying work? We’ll find out… Michael will share ideas that will challenge you , and I think shift  your mind around this area, for good!

Michael Bungay Stanier is the founder and senior partner of Box of Crayons, a company that helps other big companies like Xerox  and AstraZaneca to do more Great Work.  Michael, a Rhodes scholar, has an arts and a law degree and an MPhil from Oxford.  He was Canadian Coach of the year in 2006.  (And he’s a super nice guy).  Find out more on www.boxofcrayons.biz

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The show aired Friday, May 28th at 10 am Pacific. 

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Finding your gifts when you haven't got  a clue?  Living to your purpose?  How do we do that?

Hear Joan's tale of daring to become the storyteller and to get herself out into the world, overcoming fear, hesitation and techno-underdevelopment....

I talk to Joan and other listeners about going for your dreams.
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Has what you hoped you do with your life been relegated to a beloved (or disappointing) daydream fantasy? A pot of gold at the end of a all too infrequent rainbow?

No matter what we tell ourselves or how sensible the reasons sound, there's no mistaking the feeling of an unfinished, unfulfilled desire. A life populated by our little and large disappointments is like sleeping on a lumpy mattress, you are tossing and turning all the time. What small steps - or large ones - could make a difference to you, and open up parts of your life to more ease and comfort - whether you are in the process of going for a big dream or not.

Oh yeah, and you don't need to fix yourself or be in a good mood to get started. 

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Shannon Bindler & Margalit Ward
L.A.'s original Get Up Girl Margalit Ward and I talk about how to stay on track with any type of goal, resolution or heart's desire. Margalit shared her six steps to busting procrastination and we sure had fun along the way.

Say goodbye to piled up bills and not getting to the gym!  (or, yunno, get back to me on that)

To get started ask:
  1. What am delaying?
  2. Why?
  3. What do I want to happen?
  4. What can I commit to cleaning up that's doable and by when?
  5. How will I hold myself accountable?
  6. How will I acknowledge myself when I've done it?
Margalit Ward and Shannon Bindler (both ICF certified coaches) are the dynamic founders and leaders of Get Up Girl, one of LA's most popular women's empowerment programs. Their network, community and coaching programs can be found on www.getupgirl.org.

Write me with the answers to your questions if you like - and let me know how it goes :)

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Does it feel different to be looking forward to a year ahead rather than counting the days to the end?  There's a subtle shift, isn't there?  Whether you believe a new year is a total clean slate or just another day - it still seems like like change is afoot somehow.  

Or maybe that is just me!!

I spent New Year doing something I've never done before: December 31st I was alone on a reflective retreat. On the show I share with you what I did, what I packed and what I learned and how you can apply 5 principles of change to any change in your life.
  1. Close Out by choosing consciously and releasing
  2. Spend time in gratitude by making lists of what you appreciate and where you got it right
  3. Forgive and ReleaseNo matter how hard you try, it is impossible to be grateful and depressed - Robert Holden from his perpetual calendar
  4. Open to the New.  Don't just reset your system, get the upgrade.
  5. Visioning & Goalsetting.  Do it so it works, don't just create another TO DO list.  (To avoid the 'goals-of-death' you can always contact me for some coaching).
The Eight things I took with me that I mention in the show are all listed with the links included in my blog post The Old, the New and the Unknown

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Time for another NY resolution you will not keep, or time to do something that will move you toward what you really, REALLY, want in life?  Barbara and I tear down ideas of self-improvement as well as those tired old New Years' resolutions with a show on truly finding and getting your dreams.  Life is too short: do what you love. Barbara shows you how. More on Barbara see www.barbarasher.com

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Peggy Pepper - Decision Making
Peggy Pepper guests as we talk about one of our toughest challenges in life: decision making. Dazed and confused no more...Peggy gives her 4 step process to get to the heart of your Yes (or no).  More on Peggy

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Ken Foster and I do an amazing show on key questions that are doorways to life-changing results.  What if just the right question and taking time to find an answer could unlock a sense of direction and a feeling of joy for you? Ken’s book "Ask and You Will Succeed" and more about Ken on www.asksucceed.com

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How to find purpose and meaning when you want to do everything!

Break out of any shackles that have been limiting your life - meet and talk with Barbara Sher, and found out if you are a 'Scanner' – not people who drop tasks they are afraid of success or are indecisive – but a highly intelligent group of multi-talented people who have more interests than the average person. In other words, you Scanners want it all.  And according to Barbara, you can have it!

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Is it your dream to find a life-partner who will love, cherish and adore you? Finding true love is possible for any one at any age under any circumstances, according to bestselling author Arielle Ford. Are you willing to take action? Arielle joins me this week and will show you the process of being ready for and manifesting love!

As someone who had a highly successful career and didn't meet and marry her soulmate until she was 44, Arielle learned what does and doesn't work in the world of love and romance.

And she's happy to spill the beans!
Find out all Arielle's secrets in her new book 'The Soulmate Secret'

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