Wouldn't you love to easily stay calm and balanced even when challenged by "difficult" family members, long-standing issues and the sometimes stressful moments of the holiday period? Dr. Roger Mills, President of the Center for Sustainable Change, will introduce you to three simple principles that allow you to take control your peace of mind.

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We all have explanations for why our lives are the way they are:  divorce, money fear, angry households growing up... all these things happen, but as years go by our history becomes the story of "I can't because..." Hear how to unravel your story and get free.

In this show I gave an exercise for revealing and tracing the links of your story.  To work with this more, please find the exercise in my blog post.

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The Sea of Emotions
Emotions and how to understand that those highs and lows are not in control of you. How to love and be happy no matter what is going on around you. 

The exercise from Mandy Evans' book, Travelling Free is as follows: - list your Top Twenty  Most Limiting Beliefs (listen to the show for the starting list of the All Time Most Popular Self-limiting Beliefs). Then ask yourself:
Why do I believe that?
What might happen if I didn't believe it?
Do I think it's true?
More in her book  and let me know how it goes!

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Can we avoid being tossed about by our feelings?   Can you still love and be happy when he's leaving you? Ways to come out of feeling powerless about our own feelings, the writings of Howard Falco, understanding real Cause and Effect and more...
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Powerful HUNA practices that teach us to trust our gut feelings. I think trusting our inner desires is a huge key to being happy. And if nothing else, if we trusted our gut, life would just get real simple, real fast!!
More on Dr. James: www.Huna.com

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