Living Without Your Safety Net

Stepping into the unknown is part of the art of living.  I talk about not knowing what's next and closing the live broadcasts.

Ami Chen and I talk in depth about letting go of the past and flying in the unknown.

Does it feel different to be looking forward to a year ahead rather than counting the days to the end?  There's a subtle shift, isn't there?  Whether you believe a new year is a total clean slate or just another day - it still seems like like change is afoot somehow.  

Or maybe that is just me!!

I spent New Year doing something I've never done before: December 31st I was alone on a reflective retreat. On the show I share with you what I did, what I packed and what I learned and how you can apply 5 principles of change to any change in your life.
  1. Close Out by choosing consciously and releasing
  2. Spend time in gratitude by making lists of what you appreciate and where you got it right
  3. Forgive and ReleaseNo matter how hard you try, it is impossible to be grateful and depressed - Robert Holden from his perpetual calendar
  4. Open to the New.  Don't just reset your system, get the upgrade.
  5. Visioning & Goalsetting.  Do it so it works, don't just create another TO DO list.  (To avoid the 'goals-of-death' you can always contact me for some coaching).
The Eight things I took with me that I mention in the show are all listed with the links included in my blog post The Old, the New and the Unknown

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Time for another NY resolution you will not keep, or time to do something that will move you toward what you really, REALLY, want in life?  Barbara and I tear down ideas of self-improvement as well as those tired old New Years' resolutions with a show on truly finding and getting your dreams.  Life is too short: do what you love. Barbara shows you how. More on Barbara see www.barbarasher.com

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At the end of our lives we are very unlikely to think, “I sure wish I spent more time in the office.” 

Consider what you'd regret at the end of your days and you'll find a recipe for life. My guest is Stan Goldberg, author of Lessons for the Living: Stories of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Courage at the End of Life.  It is just that.

You can learn more about him and read his blog at http://stangoldbergwriter.com.

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