Pair #73 Death reminds you to think about who you need to call
We released Rod's ashes to the sea.

I've never attended a ceremony like this and I'm not sure there is anything quite like a surfer's memorial, when your buddies paddle out together, form a circle and release their friend's ashes into the water.
I didn't know Rod. But my boyfriend did.  As I watched him in the circle with 5 other guys who considered it a privilege to have known Rod,  it reminded me how there is no guarantee you'll be here tomorrow.  I was thinking...

We have this notion that when 'death comes knocking' we'll have plenty of time to answer the door... pick up a few things along the way, grab our hat and coat, kiss the dog.

But I actually want to be complete with my life in each moment.  So much so that if I miss the knock and whoosh, I'm just gone suddenly, I've taken care of all my resentments and grudges.  I've made peace, today. Right now.  The legacy that I want to leave is that people in my life know I love them.  No one is left wondering.

Sorry, no time to make a will.  Got to make a few calls first.