At the family dinner table or in the boardroom, finding common ground is important.  When conversations break down and long meetings end in stalemate, we get exhausted and discouraged.
It helps to know there is an unlimited source of new ideas and solutions available to each of us at any time.

Elese talks with Gabriela Maldonado-Montano.

San Diego in Blackout on 9/9
Dealing with what life brings is not always easy. 

How can we gain a perspective on life that allows us to see clearly, be fully human and not have to numb ourselves to get through the difficult moments?

In sports or in business or in life, no matter how good we become at something, there are times when our abilities vary.  Understanding that variance is the key.  What lies beyond the limits of 'tools and techniques' is the greatest differentiator in our doing well or doing poorly. In anything.