Elese reflects on the simplicity underneath our apparently complex and unruly lives.

Many people will not speak their message, create their art or live into their vision. Why? How is it that we get sidetracked even when we’ve promised ourselves not to die with our music inside?

Author/novelist Steven Pressfield delights us this week with his honest and motivational wisdom about breaking out of our own barriers and challenging the most critical opponent in the persuit of creative expression…. our self.

Pressfield has written numerous books, including “The War of Art” (2003) and “The Legend of Baggar Vance” (1995). Look out for his latest novel, "The Profession", coming out in June 2011!

Steven Pressfield at www.stevenpressfield.com

Everyone is creative. Not everyone is a painter or an “artist” but as a human being you are born with creativity. The creative mind finds solutions to problems, makes up ideas, and finds ways out of traps.  When you feel at the end of your rope, frustrated, bored, or unwell... could it be you just need to tap the creative mind you already have?  This week I explore how to do that with Heart-Core Creativity Coach Evelyne Brink.
With a background from comedy to songwriting over global
Madonna impersonation, Evelyne offers her powerful and warm-hearted
insights on the nature of creativity and success. She has
worked with 100s of people over the world transforming lives and turning
creativity into a driving force rather than a force to drive you mad.

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We often talk about having our creative 'edge'. But did you know that you are at your most creative and dynamic when you are feeling peaceful? Contrary to what you might think, you are not going to become a lump on the couch, or never want to leave the house again.  In fact, you are most likely to get into dynamic and creative action when you are in a state of calm.

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Rich is a Success Coach who has worked with hundreds of people to help them transform their lives. He has clients on three continents and offers a range of programs to help people develop "natural confidence". Rich is fast becoming known for his free "Instant Confidence" sessions, which are his way of giving back to the world. He has undertaken a challenge to offer 1000 free "Instant Confidence" sessions by Dec 2009.
Elese and Rich (www.trulyrich.org) will talk about what could be available to you by improving your communication and confidence. Rich has got some amazing approaches to share that you can use to deepen your relationships right now!

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