International success coach and renowned author of Supercoach, Michael Neill and I explore what it means to 'transform' and the deeply satisfying and joyous experience of being alive inside a meaningful life.

In the show Michael offered a couple of ideas to play with ... one was to consider the quesion "What am I about to create?" before we speak or act.  If you tried that, what was your experience?

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The Sea of Emotions
Emotions and how to understand that those highs and lows are not in control of you. How to love and be happy no matter what is going on around you. 

The exercise from Mandy Evans' book, Travelling Free is as follows: - list your Top Twenty  Most Limiting Beliefs (listen to the show for the starting list of the All Time Most Popular Self-limiting Beliefs). Then ask yourself:
Why do I believe that?
What might happen if I didn't believe it?
Do I think it's true?
More in her book  and let me know how it goes!

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Dr Robert Holden is back for Part II of the Ten Keys to Happiness. (We only got through 7 of the 10 Keys to Happiness, so we finish these and we've added a few more!) The last show with Robert on June 5th. We'll pick up where we left off last time as Robert invites us to let go of our limits to happiness.

Robert is a pioneer in the field of positive psychology and well-being.  His book Be Happy is one of the best books I've read this year.

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Mandy Evans – a teacher, speaker and author  has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to be happier and more creative by freeing themselves from limiting, self-defeating beliefs.  Bring a self-limiting belief to the show, work with Mandy, and see!

She is the director of Option Learning Experiences, and an early student of Bruce di Marsico (Founder and creator of the Option Method). She has been inspiring people for more than 30 years and some of her biggest fans are people like Joe Vitale from the Secret.

Each of her books, "Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past by Changing Your Beliefs" and "Emotional Options" are written as a workshop-in-a-book so that everyone can clear the beliefs they hold that block happiness, success, and recovery.

She can be found on www.mandyevans.com (and you can find out more about the Option Method here too!)



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A fantastic hour delving into Robert Holden's 10 keys to happiness. As Robert says, “There is a world of difference between the pursuit of happiness and following your joy.” How Authenticity, Choice, Love, Purpose and fear impact your happiness. We explore how you don't become happy, you can only be happy.

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