Navigating uncertainty, indecision, and discomfort gracefully. The unknown is a place of possibility when we see the inside-out nature of our own experience of life.

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I don't know about you, but I have experienced something inside that is able to give me direction when I need it.  If I take time to listen, that is!  Maybe you call that your intuition, your gut feeling or (like my guest) your soul... what we call it may not matter as much as what we do with the information it gives us.   

This week my guest is Colleen Laukka, a coach/mentor and an inspirational writer who says following your soul's guidance is like coming home.  And she knows there is no place like home.  For her, you are always at home and comfortable when you are following your soul's direction for your life. We'll talk about what that means and how to kick off the heels and step into the comfort of what she calls your Soul Slippers. Colleen's lovely poetic writings and her programs for the soul, her coaching and mentoring can be found on http://MySoulSlippers.com
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Powerful HUNA practices that teach us to trust our gut feelings. I think trusting our inner desires is a huge key to being happy. And if nothing else, if we trusted our gut, life would just get real simple, real fast!!
More on Dr. James: www.Huna.com

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Who we are is what we teach our children. Ami Chen Mills-Naim is my most amazing guest this week. We will talk about returning to the sense of the intuitive and spiritual in our family lives. Ami is a teacher, consultant, author, poet, essayist and former journalist.

Ami directs a non-profit, the Center for Sustainable Change, which teaches parents, educators, youth-service workers, communities and organizations how to engage the innate resilience and through the experience gained, to become wise and loving role models for children. The Center’s work is built on three decades of successfully applying a Principles-based/innate health psychology to communities and schools across the nation.

Ami is also passionate about her blog Mystical Mama. A mystical mama or mystical parent, is a parent who attempts to tune into a deeper wisdom about their children, about life, about the moment in which they find themselves.

Ami’s blog is www.mysticalmama.com

For more about Ami's work in the world:


For more about parenting and children see the archive show on November 28th, Inner Wisdom for Kids and The Mother/Daughter Connection  (these are currrently found on the radio station archives

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What a treat to welcome one of the most well-loved personalities in New Thought this week: Hay House Radio show producer and host of the show ‘Flowdreaming’, Summer McStravick.

For almost a decade, Summer has been working with the energetic context of life that she calls The Flow. Summer says, “Being in the Flow means that your life is flowing in a general direction that is for your highest good and happiness.”

Summer and I will talk about how you can use her techniques to get into your flow… and of course, it’s all about what’s possible for you from that place.  

In addition to her work with the Flow, Summer is the network director of HayHouseRadio.com, and not only does she host her own show, she also deftly co-hosts a weekly show with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You’ll find out more about Summer’s work and her numerous instructional CDs, books, and teleclasses on the links below. Just so you know, her next workshop is August 8-9,2009 for those who want to learn to practice flowdreaming.


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We often think of our lives as precarious, but Nicolas Nobile actually stood on a ledge in Buenos Aires five stories up, ready to end his life.  Before he jumped, a force came up from within him – telling him to step away from that ledge and then giving him him life saving guidance.  Did he speak to an angel? Was this a miracle?  Or is that guidance and power more actually an everyday thing… part of all of us?  I'll explore these questions and more with Nicolas and we'll talk about how he has dedicated his life to learning, teaching, and helping others. Oh yeah, and we'll delve into his new book, The Nine Powers to Transform Your Life. 
Find out what you can learn from the ledge.
Learn about Nicolas at www.nicolasnobile.com - his work is available in Spanish and English

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Elese invites Southern California author, motivator and life coach Cindy Silbert to talk about the shift in world energy toward the Divine Feminine in the global community and in ourselves. Cindy is the Founder of Bring U to Life, Inc. and the Creator of Life Cultivation, a dynamic fusion of eastern practices and life coaching. Her purpose is to guide people and businesses to thrive. Her natural gift is to listen intuitively beyond words to discover unique qualities that then create dramatic results in life or business. Cindy published her first book, Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly in March 2008 and is working on a second for publication next year.

Feel the earth moving yet?

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