Byron Katie has one job: to teach people how to stop suffering. When Katie appears, lives change.

In 1986, at the bottom of a ten-year fall into depression, anger, and addiction, Byron Katie woke up one morning and realized that all suffering comes from believing our thoughts. Questioning every painful thought she had, she developed an amazing method of inquiry she called The Work.

The Work asks four simple questions that turn stressful thoughts around. When you Work with a thought, you see around it to the choices beyond suffering.

Katie has been bringing The Work to millions around the world for more than twenty years. Her free public events, weekend workshops, nine-day School for the Work, and 28-day residential Turnaround House bring liberation to people everywhere.

Her School for the Work takes place twice a year.
Call 1 800 98 KATIE (52843 or go to www.thework.com for more information

P.S. to really get the most of the this hour live with Katie, I do recommend downloading and doing the Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet from Katie's site.

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