The human heart weighs less than a pound.  

Do we really think it contains all the love that we are?

Most of what we think we know about life is no more than a jumble of ideas passed on from person to person without question -- no more substantial then platitudes and song lyrics married to assumptions -- "No pain, no gain," "finders keepers, losers weepers," and "the best defense is a good offense" are good examples of this. 

It is hard to let ourselves express our natural kindness, love and care with our heads full of so much rubbish. No wonder the heart has such a hard time making its way to the surface.   

I want to make a case for listening to your heart.  Not the sappy, overly-emotional, possessive heart that gets so much press and air time; but the deeply satisfied human heart that finds delight in the smallest things and joy in the arrival of daffodils.  

I want to suggest that the real nature of the human heart is satisfied. Happy and satisfied.  The heart needs to add nothing to itself. Of course, the heart I'm speaking of is the symbolic heart, the one that represents the fact of what we are made of. The fact that we are made of love and what we love most is to love.   

When we are loving we always feel happy. Which is why when you give a gift out of true love you feel wonderful regardless of whether the person says thank you or gives you a gift in return.  The sign you are out of your true self is when you give love and feel disappointed.  True love does not mind if it's ROI is lousy. Really. It does not. 

And yet how many of us are pining for "lost" or "unrequited" love?  There is no such thing. There is either loving or there is not. You cannot get love. It is the fiber of your being and the code in your bones.  The reason you feel bad when you are not being loving is that you are hurting you to the core -- it's what you experience every time you forget who you are.

We should all be making love all the time -- not as a quest or a conquering or a bonding of rings with rocks on, but as an outpouring of Self. 

Why do you think you have searched outside yourself for your whole life and never found love? 

Because you are the one you've been looking for.

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01/18/2012 16:02

"because you are the one you've been looking for". Inside out is a free bubbling well of fullness overflowing. I do forget this...thanks for this beautiful article and for helping me to remember where love lives and breaths and originates in each of us.

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