Dealing with what we cannot change and what is out of our control. 

How do we do it without losing our minds, our sanity and our equilibrium?

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If you wanted to feel completely in your well-being, where would you look?
I explore the nature of health, well-being and how to look behind the symptomology.  Could it be that all health is mental health?

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Get off the stress roller coaster by understanding the true nature of stress. 

Plus I explore new study showing Slackers have less stress - I can tell you why that is, how you can do it, and why talking to others about your problems may cause you more stress!

What a pleasure to replay this beautiful show with the late and much missed, Dr. Roger Mills.  His heart, his love for others and his work transformed the lives of so many.  Enjoy these words of encouragement and clarity as you sit at the family table. Peace begins with each of us. There is comfort here for anyone struggling with stresses over the holiday period. 

Dr. Roger Mills, President of the Center for Sustainable Change, introduces you to three simple principles that allow you to take control your peace of mind

Don Goewey, author of Mystic Cool, talks about how spiritual insights, neuroscience and psychology come together.  He gave tips for ending stress with two simple techniques including his "Clear Button". 

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Wouldn't you love to easily stay calm and balanced even when challenged by "difficult" family members, long-standing issues and the sometimes stressful moments of the holiday period? Dr. Roger Mills, President of the Center for Sustainable Change, will introduce you to three simple principles that allow you to take control your peace of mind.

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Can we avoid being tossed about by our feelings?   Can you still love and be happy when he's leaving you? Ways to come out of feeling powerless about our own feelings, the writings of Howard Falco, understanding real Cause and Effect and more...
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Letting fear rule us is like saying “come on in to my house, trash the place, and torch it when you leave”. Wouldn't happen.  So why do we allow it in our minds? Guy Finley on the way to freedom and his latest book, "The Essential Laws of Fearless Living"  www.guyfinley.com

For my fans, Guy has made his latest audio available for $30 off
Click here for the special discount on Guy's audio album: Secrets of Being Unstoppable

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Also related to this show topic: "Fear, The Great Motivator?" 
How I learned to understand the roots of happiness... how to question stressful thoughts. Includes how to do The Work and other methods that unlock the stress cycle. 
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Julie Blake is a woman who can take just one hour of your life and change the way you make your living.  She knows three things are the key to unlocking your life and business:  boldly asking, getting real and  total authenticity.  Julie will reveal how she helps others create real and meaningful success.  The kind of success that we all want but either don't think is possible, or don't think is possible without compromising our core values and selves. So is your project or business really developing in the ‘soulful’ way you intended?   Are you madly marketing or are you making a difference?
Julie Blake is an entrepreneur of 17 years, author, singer, graduate of the Byron Katie School and solopreneur coach. She helps her clients unravel untrue thoughts so that they can fully own their value and fearlessly charge what they are worth – and most importantly… create the courage to ask for clients. Julie leads a 10-Day Solo-preneur Bootcamp to work through fear, create courage and get into bold action and bold asking!

For more about Julie see www.gotcourage.com

To see Julie's incredible solopreneur bootcamp see

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